Orthopedic Urgent Care Provides Same Day Diagnosis and Treatment by Specialists

Patients on the west side can now avoid costly and time-consuming ER visits by going to GO Ortho first when they have an ache, break, sprain or other orthopedic injury. GO Ortho recently opened a location in Westlake within the Premier Medical Campus, 25200 Center Ridge Rd., Suite #1100. Led by renowned Orthopedic Surgeon, Reuben Gobezie, MD, GO Ortho serves as an urgent care for orthopedic conditions. Patients can avoid costly and time-consuming ER visits by going to GO Ortho first with an ache, break, sprain, or other orthopedic injury.

Typical emergency room and urgent care visits for joint, muscle and bone problems often result in a quick check and a referral to see an orthopedic specialist. GO Ortho enables the patients to be treated by an orthopedic specialist right away.  X-rays and imaging are provided on-site saving the patient multiple office visits for the right diagnosis and proper orthopedic treatment.

GO Ortho makes it easy for patients to get the right type of care, right away,” said Dr. Gobezie. “Urgent care centers or emergency rooms may not be equipped to provide the comprehensive care for orthopedic injuries that you would receive at an orthopedic office. And you may have to wait weeks to get an appointment with the orthopedic doctor you need to see. At GO Ortho, you are immediately seen by a specialist for the type of care you need.”

Bringing Value to Patients: Saving Time, Money and Providing Orthopedic Expertise

Go Ortho provides orthopedic expertise and advanced treatment, without a referral. Rather than showing up at an ER or urgent care and waiting to be seen by a non-orthopedic specialist, patients call for a GO Ortho appointment that same day or the following day, depending on the time of their call.

“When patients go to GO Ortho first, they avoid the hassle of having to visit multiple doctor’s offices for the same condition,” Dr. Gobezie said.

There is also a significant monetary savings to patients since a GO Ortho visit is charged as a regular orthopedic office visit and not as an emergency level visit that comes with high deductible and/or co-insurance costs. Services at GO Ortho are covered by most insurance carriers. In the unlikely event that a patient needs surgical care, GO Ortho specialists are well acquainted with the best orthopedic surgeons for each specialty in the Cleveland area and will arrange the best care for patients.

GO Ortho is equipped with advanced orthopedic imaging to ensure conditions are accurately diagnosed and efficiently and effectively treated. GO Ortho staff are trained to provide sophisticated treatments and can outfit patients in the latest slings, braces and other support devices as well as casting.

To make an appointment, call 844-GO-DR-NOW (844-463-7669). For more information, visit http://www.godoctornow.com/.