Sports Medicine - Dislocated JointsWhen pain from a muscle or joint problem becomes unmanageable, many believe they need to go to the emergency room.  But the ER is primarily designed to serve life-threatening emergencies. An urgent care center may be able to help you, but you will likely be seen by a generalist – not an orthopedic specialist. In both cases, you will walk out with a referral to have a second appointment with a specialist.

Fortunately, there are orthopedic urgent care centers such as GO Ortho.  This facility is staffed by orthopedic specialists and accepts walk-ins and same-day appointments. This enables patients to get in with a specialist to take care of their pain much sooner than typical orthopedic offices, which may not have an open appointment for weeks.

There is also a significant monetary savings to the patient since a GO Ortho visit is charged as a regular orthopedic office visit and not as an ER/emergency level visit that may come with a high cost to the patient.

GO Ortho is an independent practice at 3755 Orange Place in Beachwood, and cares for a wide range of orthopedic conditions from acute pain resulting from a break or sprain, to chronically painful conditions like arthritis.  Because you are seeing an orthopedic specialist, conditions can be quickly and more accurately diagnosed as well as properly treated.   GO Ortho staff are trained to provide sophisticated treatments, advanced orthopedic imaging and outfit patients in the latest in slings, braces, casting and other support devices.

While we do advocate going to the ER when you are faced with a severe medical problem, most orthopedic pains and conditions are not life threatening and are best treated in by an orthopedic specialist. The fastest way to see one, is to get to GO Ortho.

Have questions about musculoskeletal conditions such as arthritis, chronic pain, disorders and injuries? Email your questions to our team of orthopedic specialists here or call 844-463-7669.